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The Traveller

She turned and tossed in her bed. Her fists clenched the frail fabrics that covered the shredded pieces of the mat that she called a bedding. She shook her head again from side to side trying to fight the demons in her head. Everything seemed to be in frenzy. She has been here before more […]

She Should Be the One

Enveloped in the chill of the evening, holding tenderly on the warmth of each other’s skin. I hide my face in the secrecy of the approaching night and tuck my fears in the fallacy of what I should be. I feel his breath on my skin; a feeling that should be so familiar yet I […]

Flowers For The One I Love

The sky wasn’t as beautiful, but she made being out there glorious. She spoke, softly, sometimes soundly, but I could not here her as my mind drifted into the oblivion of thoughts. I curled her fingers in mine as I watched her face get lost in the constellation she admired so much. For me, there […]

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